Understanding The Integrality Of The World

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: Integral education is learning about the mutual interconnection of everything. Can we teach in our environment by way of example that there is no black and white, rather everything is variegated? Could it be that this method will awaken those around us to think integrally?

Answer: The idea is that we can think integrally, yet we cannot ourselves be integral.

What does it mean to think integrally? How can I make decisions that do not disrupt the equilibrium of the world, that are only for its good? For if they are not intended for the good of some part of the integral system, then they will only bring harm. How can I make decisions today to carry out some activities to create companies, to realize investments, create new kinds of products?

Today I can no longer do this. The world has become so interconnected that if I don’t take its integrality into account but simply implement any economic, financial, technological, manufacturing, cultural, or scientific activity, then I cause harm. Therefore, what has been done from that moment in which close to a century ago the world began to discover its integrality, is that we have been harming ourselves because subconsciously, within the soul, we have no feeling of integrality.

Suppose that I know what my family is: my wife, children, parents, and relatives. I feel all of this; within me, I have a representation of my family. And therefore if they ask me to do something for them, I automatically describe to myself if this will be for their good or will it cause harm, for within me there exists a representation of the family.

The same thing is relevant to the world as well. Suppose that I am the manager of some large corporation or the president of some nation. What kind of decision can I make today, because no matter what I do it affects the entire world and comes back to me, to my nation, to my family? No! It’s best to sit and do nothing.

We see what is happening today in the management of the nations, the businesses, and so forth. Gradually it’s as if everything is failing, disappearing because people feel that their decisions will be incorrect in every circumstance. They are beginning to feel the lack of information more and more: Where am I, what am I doing? This feeling will grow all the time. The person will begin to feel that he is lost.

We must understand the integrality of the world as without this we cannot exist. And the Wisdom of Kabbalah explains it. Therefore we will be needed because only we can reveal to the world its true structure: The mechanism of the structure of all kinds of simple decisions even to maintain and strengthen the family in the right way, to educate the children properly, to regulate the relationships within the family between a husband and wife, relationships between families, in society, and so forth.

For the crisis has already reached the person himself, he no longer lives with his wife and children, not with the parents, and so forth, rather only with himself. Therefore we are found in crisis. And so it is also in Scandinavia. People simply know how to subjugate themselves to be satisfied with what there is. They don’t see anything else; so what can a person do? He can enter more deeply into his shell like a snail and sit quietly.

We must show that we have a solution. First we must highlight the problem, reveal it, explain it correctly, and after this, show that it is possible to solve it, that it is impossible for us to wait, otherwise from the side of nature, terrible blows will land on us. Then people will listen to us.
From the Stockholm Convention “Joy In Unity” Day One 8/30/13, Lesson 1

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