Integrality: Replacing A Negative With A Positive

Dr. Michael LaitmanWe live in times when nature finally has obligated us to pay attention to integrality. Everything closes in, becomes global, and, whether we want it or not, we already are moving toward it, and if a person were given a little theory in addition to the practice that he needs to carry out against his will, he would have a very easy inner linking.

Unfortunately, for now, we only see the negative aspect of integrality since it shows us very well its full interdependence. Be it school, work, or different government institutions, no matter where we turn, we are rejected, pushed away, and so on. The same happens with television in constant soap operas about murder, police, and courts. We see that all these things are a single common integral world, but it is a negative world. Unfortunately, this is the way we must learn about this essential quality.

We must show people that, as soon as we replace a negative with a positive, things can become completely opposite because nature is properly interconnected, and if we, on our behalf, propose a positive connection instead of a negative one, we easily would achieve the manifestation of positive integrality in all areas.
From a “Talk On Integral Upbringing” 1/20/13

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