The Future Lies In A Good Mutual Connection

Dr. Michael LaitmanOur life is arranged so that we are all in different relationships: a system of laws, frameworks, and rules. On the basis of these relationships, we build all the other systems.

One kind of a relationship among us is “mutual guarantee.” This is the most natural and perfect connection because it begins to manifest from within nature as a pressing need.

When we study the still, vegetative, and animate levels of nature, except for human society, we constantly find more and more new mutual connections between them, such as integrality and globality. We have discovered that all parts of nature, even in space, immediately connect. What happens in one part of the universe has an immediate impact on its other parts, and no million years have to pass for that. It is all one, mutually-tied system.

Inside this system there is human society that has developed independently of nature, not in accordance with natural pressures and laws. Egoism has developed, and we have built different systems among us to match it: public, family, work, state, political, social relationships, and so on.

Now we’ve reached a point in which we discover that we’re just like the rest of nature, tied together. This connection isn’t felt by everyone yet. However, scientists, scholars, philosophers, sociologists, and political scientists are beginning to feel it.

It isn’t by chance that the current crisis is called global and integral. Actually it isn’t a crisis, but our maladjustment to the conditions that we are in. Now it’s like we are in one net, a net of connections between us. We have to adjust ourselves to this connection because we cannot exit it. We have to see ourselves and our future in this mutual integral connection although we may be reluctant to do so. This connection has to be good.
From a TV Program “The Integral World” 10/30/2011

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