We Have Been Given A Second Chance

Dr. Michael LaitmanYou have probably heard that the Ari once told his students: “If we go up to Jerusalem today, we will be able to reach the end of correction (Gmar Tikkun). Let’s get together in an hour and go up there, let’s continue this way!”

When the students began to assemble after an hour, one of them said that he couldn’t come for one reason, another for another reason, another’s wife wouldn’t let him go, and another couldn’t go because of the children, or because of some illness or some other problems. And so they didn’t ascend to the state of Gmar Tikkun.

We don’t understand how such interruptions could have stopped the Ari’s students from reaching the exalted state of Gmar Tikkun. But we also don’t understand what obstacles are given to a person from Above so that he will draw closer to correction.

We are neither the strongest nor the most special. We are actually the weakest of all the generations that preceded us. But we are living in very special times, and these times require a great correction, which is possible to carry out! Therefore, even if we are not worthy of it, even if we are not strong enough or don’t really understand what we are doing, the upper force still connects us and pushes us forward.

So we mustn’t forget what we have to do. We should try as hard as we can! And the Creator will finish this job for us.
From Lesson 1, Arvut Convention at the Arava Desert 11/18/2011

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