A Solo Pulls A Person Into The Field Of Integration

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: During the process of online integral learning, can people participate in “roundtables” they are watching? In other words, is it possible to equate a live “roundtable” to a recorded “roundtable?”

Answer: Of course. I am convinced that this really works to transform people in an integral way. You must engage the virtual audience in the discussion circle that you are showing him and make him a participant. If there are nine people, make him the tenth. For example, there are nine people in a circle, where each expresses his opinion regarding the question at hand. And your audience member joins in.

You must give him an opportunity to become acquainted with the others, to express himself, etc.

They make recordings for musicians with only the orchestral part recorded, and then I add my solo to the recording; they left in the necessary pauses for me to play. For example, I have a two-minute solo, the recording plays, then stops, giving me the time to play. This is how to make time to allow viewers to participate in the discussion.

Comment: But no one is listening to him and he knows it.

Answer: What is the difference? It doesn’t matter. He is still involved in the conversation, the discussion.

Is it really different when I play to a recording of an orchestra? I play the CD, hear loud music, and suddenly silence, and then I come in with my violin. Does it make me feel less or not a part of the performance?

Right now the performances of singers and musicians have become like a theater. Before this, they used to stand like a statue, but now they need to move, dance, and participate in the common action.

Therefore, virtual viewers must be actively involved in the common discussion because it is very easy to tune into the field of spiritual, integral energy.
From a “Talk On Integral Upbringing” 1/20/13

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