For A Righteous Man Falleth Seven Times, And Riseth Up Again

Dr. Michael LaitmanThe Torah, “Exodus,” (Mishpatim), 22:19: He that sacrificeth unto the gods, save unto the LORD only, shall be utterly destroyed.

Sacrifice, Korban (stemming from the Hebrew root to come closer), means that I sacrifice my ego in order to rise above it. If I do so in order to reach the attribute of bestowal, it helps me to advance. If it is the opposite and I do it in order to receive, it’s called paganism and so it is forbidden.

Question: Why do I behave that way if it’s forbidden?

Answer: You do so because you receive egoistic pleasure by it. A person can stumble and do something wrong on every level, since it has to be his freewill. To stumble means that one just stumbles but does not fall. This means that the fall is relative: I am thrown from the level I am on so that I will learn and rise even higher or so that I would fall as a result of my own doing. This is an intentional fall.

It says: “For a righteous man falleth seven times, and riseth up again” (Proverbs 24:16). When a person advances persistently, he is called a righteous. He will keep on falling and rising, falling and rising, since he is tripped on purpose so that he will learn to advance. If he prepares the fall in advance by himself, he cannot advance.
From KabTV’s “Secrets of the Eternal Book” 5/27/13

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“Loneliness Epidemic”

Dr. Michael LaitmanIn the News (from “U.S. researchers learn the rapid devaluation of family values in the United States. The traditional relationships between a man and a woman, when love leads to marriage, reach back. Today, four out of ten Americans believe the marriage institution is obsolete. Scientists find it difficult to justify the current situation, however, they confirm that the American Society tend to disunity.

“Young Americans often delay marriage. This is a typical trend of many racial and ethnic groups in the U.S., even Asians, who had before the highest marriage rates.

“The divorce is common thing in modern America. The ‘separate habitation’ is customary for the generations born in the second half of the twentieth century. Percentage of divorced and estranged, who broke off the relationship, is much higher than the percentage of widowed. It’s typical for all age groups, both men and women. Most divorced and estranged are among 50-54-year-old men (17%) and women (21%).

“The same survey showed that the remarriage isn’t preferred by most Americans. Only 29% of divorced would like to marry again. Among the widowed this rate is even lower – 8%.

“According to studies, the family disintegration has no links with the Great Recession of 2008-2009.

“As a result, the total fertility rate (average number of births per woman of childbearing age from 15 to 49 years) dropped to the reproduction level (replacement rate) – 2.1, and at the end of the 2000s, during the recession – to 1.9.”

“In addition, the share of children born out of wedlock has increased during the 50 years up to 8 times – from 5.3% in 1960 to 41% in 2010. The highest rate of illegitimate births is among the youngest mothers: 86% of infants in 2011 born by mothers aged 15-19, 62% of infants – by mothers aged 20-24 years.

“A record 8% of households with minor children in the United States are headed by a single father, up from just over 1% in 1960, according to a Pew Research Center analysis of Decennial Census and American Community Survey data. … Men make up a growing share of single parent householders.

“As we can see, the American family values face serious hardships, that change the society structure and social consciousness. Hardly surprising, almost half – 45% – of Americans, mostly young people, approve the Supreme Court’s voting rights decision over the gay and hetero equalization. The straights represent the minority – 40%.

“The American family future causes alarm, given that the traditional union between a man and a woman, who plan ahead and have many children, likely can be classified by future generations as a jest.”

My Comment: The values of all aspects of the traditional society are being re-examined, and it will lead to a completely unusual conclusion: readiness to accept a new type of family relationships, proposed by integral education. It’s when marriage is based not on a sexual desire, which has already proved to be ineffective, but on the ultimate life goal: unity with the Creator and the possibility of achieving it with a particular partner.

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“Homo Economicus Might Actually Be An Idiot”

Dr. Michael LaitmanIn the News (from Bloomberg): “Imagine yourself betting on the long-term survival of two types of people. One is the classic egoist, focused and ruthless. The other is more selfless, willing to help fellow humans without any evident gain. Who will be more successful?

“For anyone steeped in the prevailing thinking of our era, the obvious winner is the egoist. Darwinian evolution and the lore of modern capitalism tell us that only fierce competitors survive. Altruists, the game theorists teach us, are mathematically incapable of achieving dominance. Acts of cooperation are either errors born of ignorance or purely selfish strategic moves aimed at getting something of greater value.

“The idea that biological competition favors the greedy, creating the ultrarational and incentive-driven Homo economicus, remains at the core of the models economists use to understand the world.

“Problem is, the ‘hard-headed,’ supposedly scientific take on human behavior bears little relation to reality. An overwhelming body of research demonstrates that helping behaviors (or, as economists like to say, ‘other-regarding preferences’) are the norm in human interactions around the globe. This raises the question: If it really does pay to be greedy, why do humans act differently?

“So far, there’s no definitive answer. But there is some evidence that rational self-interest isn’t always the best strategy. In conditions of harsh competition, Homo economicus might not prevail.

“In many simulations, the nice species ended up doing better than Homo economicus. How? The cooperative types tended to cluster and interact with one another preferentially, thereby benefiting from each other’s selfless behavior. The researchers called the winning species Homo socialis — quite rightly, as it isn’t blind to the potential of social interactions to enhance well-being.

“The take-home point is that Homo economicus is an oversimplified caricature who, in many situations, fails to benefit from real possibilities. Greed isn’t good, as Gordon Gekko famously said in the film “Wall Street.” In many cases, it’s not even very smart.”

My Comment: Studies, though far from complete, are right. The question is how to bring these 7 billion egoists to reason? The method of integral education offers a means of correcting human nature. Undoubtedly, sooner or later, meaning after having suffered, we all will begin to see the need of its realization.

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