Impulses Derived From The Heart

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: How does one pass from a show and incomprehensible phrases to true feeling and expression?

Answer: In our world a person is accustomed to putting on a performance in the presence of others: holding himself a particular way, talking, and emulating heroes from a television series. This is because we are educated by examples: We behave according to examples that we see in life or on the screen.

All of our lives, all of our behavior consists of prefabricated structures prepared in our brain from the start. How to sit, how to stand, to eat, to speak, and so forth, all this is composed of very small images that are found within our heads and have them all the time and we  pull them out and play them like a broken record: one, two, three… that is how we behave.

But now we need to play ourselves for the first time. And here a person becomes perplexed and doesn’t understand what to do. He is confused like a little child who repeats everything aping the adults until he learns to imitate them in every way,  and he obtains these images. And then he already behaves in accordance to them. He knows that it is necessary to behave there like this and here in another way. Adults laugh and he laughs too, even though he doesn’t know about what.

But we have no examples of behavior in spirituality. This is a separate and complex subject. Therefore try to be with them as yourselves, without expectations; I am like this here, from the heart. Don’t pay attention to anything! Just as a few friends appeared here, this broke them in this kind of form and that’s it, we must be like them all the time.

Question: But what if I say something that is not according to the rules?

Answer: This doesn’t matter! What rules can there be? If you speak from the heart, then anything goes.
From the St. Petersburg Convention “Day Two” 7/13/13, Lesson 4

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