Questions After The Convention, Part 5

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: When we “get hit on the head” and turn off all our feelings, emotions and thoughts, where can we find a foothold? Where do we begin our ascent?

Answer: By engaging in mechanical actions.

Question: Let’s say, one is afraid that one’s desire reaches the machsom and will “come true;” then there will be nothing to aspire to. Can you please explain this situation and tell us what to do with it?

Answer: It means that one had no desire to bestow.

Question: Can it slow down our entry into spirituality?

Answer: Yes.

Question: Could you please explain why we need family in order to advance spiritually? What is the difference between married and single men and women? If all my real actions are making efforts to unite with the group and caring about it (and I truly believe in it), then why do I need find my second “half” in spirituality and make a family?

Answer: In this world, we should correspond to the upper world. That’s why one should have a family if it’s possible. By that, we hasten our spiritual path, not slow it down.

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