Questions After The Convention, Part 4

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: Why don’t I have desires?

Answer: You have, but they are not great, it is not worthwhile to make an effort for them!

Question: What should I do if it seems to me that I am stuck in one state and that people around me are also stuck?

Answer: Don’t look for changes, they are within you, the movement is inside.

Question: How should I work with inner examination?

Answer: Just take everything for the good!

Question: If I feel an unfulfilled desire, is this a sign that it is materialistic?

Answer: Egoistic.

Question: Is there a spiritual desire that cannot be fulfilled?

Answer: Yes, because it doesn’t need anything for its fulfillment.

Question: Can a Kli (vessel) for bestowal not be full?

Answer: No.

Question: There is no Tzimtzum (restriction) on Hassadim. That is, if there is no joy, then the work is not done in order to bestow, rather it is egoistic? After all, there is no Tzimtzum on bestowal.

Answer: That’s right!

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