Feeling The Force Of Life

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: How can one be in agreement with all the situations and at the same time to be directed towards the goal? How is it possible to knowingly attract the Light?

Answer: One has to try to feel the inner soul that directs you. Thus, it is called “wind” (Ruach – spirit), as if it moves within you and directs you.

In order to feel this, we are involved in connection and unity. Why does the connection give us the possibility to feel this spirit, this force of life that moves within us and motivates everything around us, but we feel only the results of it? Because the breaking of matter occurred; it, as if, broke into pieces and this spirit that holds together this material is not able to move, is not able to fill it.

The disconnection of this material causes suffering in us, lack of life, which is felt more and more, but we have to try to connect and unite the desires, as if collecting these fragments. And then we allow this spirit, this Light (Ohr Nefesh) to move, and we feel how it gives us life, how it requires us to be in motion both emotionally and intellectually.

In this way we collect more and more of these fragments; fitting them together, we will feel in what sense they go with each other, how complex the combination of our broken desires, our feelings, is. We will see the work of the Light in assembly, in correction, in complementing, all of us into one whole.

And that is the attainment of the Creator, of the 125 levels of attaining Him. But they all come from our attempts to connect between us and by that we invite great influence of the Light, of the spirit, that can already move even through the gaps between the part of the desire (matter), that all our movements are towards that, i.e., we towards Him and He towards us.
From the Convention in St Petersburg 7/14/13, Lesson 5

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