The Difficult Task Of The Woman

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: How can women help one another to pass through the states to become one? How can we work as a single Kli (vessel)?

Answer: I cannot put myself in the place of the woman. Sometimes I try to be clothed in her, but even from a state of spiritual perception it is impossible to feel the woman: her inner world, her comprehension, her philosophy of life. This is something completely opposite to a man.

Therefore when women ask questions like these, I don’t know what to answer. What can we do to become one? I can repeat those words with which you are familiar no less than I am. There are no other words or actions. The unity of women, this is a big problem.

For men it is easier to get rid of linking the spiritual work to their physical representation and to be left only with emotion. For a woman it is much more difficult to be released from the link with her external appearance and to be left only with emotion. After all, she embodies the desire that is linked to the source of fulfillment. And therefore she cannot get rid of her external appearance, and not from how she is seen, comprehended and felt by others.

To a man it doesn’t matter. For him all this is not important. He has another, freer relationship with himself and the world. The relationship of the woman is more dependent.

Therefore I don’t know what to advise. You simply need each one within herself and between you, to be more honest, more objective; each one directed not to herself but to everyone. You need to learn from each other how to go outside of yourselves, for this happens differently for you than for the men and in a much more complex manner.

It is very difficult to contend with this obstacle, but this is the work of the woman. With women this happens laterally, with men, vertically. That is how we grow. A woman is like a Kli, and a man is like the source, the conductor, the channel for her fulfillment. That is how this works together.

It is said that the Kli of the woman is wide and short (wide from the presence of Ohr Hassadim, and short from a lack of Ohr Hochma), while the male Kli is long and narrow (long from the presence of Ohr Hochma, and narrow from a lack of Ohr Hassadim). And this is not just in physiological form, but also according to the inner comprehension, according to the correction. Therefore it is necessary to work.

I repeat and say: It is necessary to be honest, not to be afraid of learning from one another how to do this. In no way to play one against the other, after all, you feel how each one plays, does something by herself. Be released from everything external. Don’t look at the outside—this is your task.
From the St. Petersburg Convention “Day Three” 7/14/13, Lesson 5

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