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Dr. Michael LaitmanRabash, “What is the Order of Wiping out Amalek”: And what is more, we see that a person needs to prepare himself in order to enjoy the pleasure that is dressed in the vessel. This means that he can enjoy the Light of the pleasure that is dressed in the vessel to the extent that he prepares himself, which is considered external. This means that we cannot compare a person who drinks water when he is thirsty to a person who drinks water when he is not thirsty. This is because the vessel of receiving pleasure is measured by the yearning for the pleasure.

We know that the difference between “I shall hasten it” and “in its time” is only in the preparation. Eventually a person has to perform the action by himself and say: “I want!” and when he wants to, things will open up for him!

There are two ways of attaining the demand of “I want!” Either by blows that don’t leave a person any other choice and which obligate him to recover after each blow or problem and wake up from his reluctance to do anything. It’s because he is confused and can’t find the powers in him to connect with the friends in order to build a vessel, and it’s only the blows that force him to take a step forward.

But it isn’t just taking a step. He sees that this step is beneficial in both a spiritual and a corporeal sense. The corporeal benefit is that he gets rid of the blows and the spiritual benefit is that he recovers and begins to feel that he has a goal, a process, and a chance to feel something of the path of “I shall hasten it.”

Thus he gains twice: He gains new abilities and a new taste corporeally and perhaps also spiritually. It’s all given to him after the blow since there are two opposites in the blow that he receives from the Creator, in the blow of the Light that operates on a person in different ways and towards the goal. We study that in every state, even in the lowest one, there are ten Sefirot, the Light of NRNHY, Reshimo (spiritual gene) of dressing, and Reshimo of Aviut (thickness).

So we must try to understand that everything depends on our preparation that brings us to the demand of “I want!” We have to reach a state in which we have no desire left but one and that this desire should be the greatest. There are two ways of reaching that: “In its time” (through the path of suffering), or “I shall hasten it” (through the path of the Light). But it’s impossible to come out of Egypt without the desire of “I want!”

On the other hand, a person feels great despair and helplessness in his own powers and at the same time confidence and faith that the Creator can save him, which means that everything is in God’s hands. This versatility has to strengthen a person and not break him the moment he exits.
From the Preparation for the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 6/28/13

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