Men, Do Not Underestimate The Desire Of Women!

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: How important for spiritual advancement are the physical actions of women in a group?

Answer: They are 100% important because nobody can take physical actions from you. All your thoughts are self-deception. All that you transfer through the head or the heart is total ego, the physical actions are real actions.

Invest yourselves even though you have no feelings or negative feelings. Show everyone through your actions and deeds that the goal is important to you so others around you must see this! This is very important! Tell them that you want to see that they are purposeful because you depend upon them.

Question: I said this, but they don’t listen.

Answer: In that case, I must turn to the men: The desires of women are like this, the yearnings are like that, we must not take advantage under any circumstances!

If you reject the desire of a woman, you need to realize that you won’t attain anything. I say this with complete seriousness! We learn this from the correspondence between “Zeir Anpin” and “Malchut.” If, as representatives of “Partzuf Zeir Anpin,” you reject the desires of “Malchut,” then what kind of serious attainment can you be talking about?! Nothing will succeed for you!

You must feel the desire of women and what women expect from you very acutely! You need to expect this pressure because it is specifically the desire of women, called “Mei Nukvin,” which is essential for ascent!

Therefore, if men “don’t listen,” this is very bad and is the most severe accusation that can be directed at them, and not only from women.
From the Convention in Krasnoyarsk 6/13/13, Lesson 3

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