“As The Lily Among Thorns”

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: Why does the Creator send me “thorny” thoughts?

Answer: From Rabash’s article “What is the Lily Among the Thorns in the Work”: The Zohar says “As the lily among the thorns so is my loved one among the girls.” The Creator wanted to make Israel like its form Above, so that there will be one lily on earth like the upper lily which is Malchut, and a lily that has a scent and is selected of all the other lilies in the world is the one that grows among the thorns.

A lily can grow and bloom only if it grows among the thorns. It’s impossible to grow without the thorns. The thorns are the forces that help us advance. Otherwise we would peacefully fall to sleep in our desire to receive and would never want to rise above it.

The thorns are the forces of motion that push us forward and help us advance while we aspire towards rest, fulfillment, and pleasure. They appear when there is no choice, when a person disrespects the option to advance by his own efforts and tries to rest all the time, justifying himself, feeling that he does enough and that everything is fine.

Then his stubbornness and his laziness gradually accumulate until a serious thorn appears. Then he begins to cry out and to advance. Everyone will agree judging by his own experience and say that this is exactly what happens, sometimes more and sometimes less. This is how a person is taught that he should find the power to advance by himself and not wait for the thorns. But there will still be thorns since it’s impossible to totally manage without them.
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 5/3/13Writings of Rabash

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