The World Is On The Verge Of Great Upheaval And Change

Dr. Michael LaitmanOpinion (Li Shenming, Vice President, the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences): “In the coming years, America will become weaker and rely more on Europe, Japan and other countries. The world economy has entered a long period of recession. There are more poor and fewer wealthy people in the world.

“Along with the deepening of the global financial crisis, competition and conflict between the major powers will only increase in such areas as energy, food, finance, internet, and even disputes over land and water areas. The best choice for the Western world, led by the USA, is to find a partner to start a proxy war. We need to vigorously defend our own sovereignty and territorial integrity.

“The USA blind confidence aimed their attack at the two countries – Russia and China. Destroying China and splitting Russia, the West would have achieved his goal – world domination.

“With the deepening of the global financial crisis, there will be an eruption and escalation of conflicts on the ethnic, religious grounds, conflicts over sovereignty and economic interests. The world is on the verge of great upheaval, restructuring and change.”

My Comment: All that is true, except in the plan of Nature in the development of the world, the world is not run by people, though it does seem so to them. Humanity is just trying to avoid all sorts of unforeseen unpleasant events. But with the deepening of integral dependence, humanity will have no means to evade the attacks of nature, its forces directed at the correction of humankind.

There is a future for the one who will understand what is happening according to the plan of nature and will be able to actively participate in it. This will lead to the creation of the supreme governing body of the world whose members will know the laws of the upper management.

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