The Realization That Leads To A Safe Journey

Dr. Michael LaitmanThe path of suffering doesn’t mean that we will be getting a single blow. We have to learn our lesson and eventually turn into intelligent human beings. We have to cease being little egoistic beasts that strive to grasp everything around them for their own sake at the expense of others. We are acting this way subconsciously. We should learn how to act differently and regard every person around us as a blood relative and close friend. It will eventually cause the “butterfly effect” in its absolute form among us.

It will come together with our awareness of the integrality of nature. Our perception of nature will deepen. We will sense the upper layers of nature; thus, we will realize that nature is eternal and that we can go beyond it, beyond time and space, as physicists are already saying.  So we become observers who sense the true nature and rise up to the level of its forces; we live at this level and not in the form of our temporary earthly body.

We have to share these things with all of humanity in a gradual and slow manner; otherwise, people will consider us not quite normal, since it doesn’t conform to their commonly accepted picture of reality; everything that is beyond their routine range, doesn’t exist is unreal for them. Therefore, we must be very careful in our explanation of where we are heading.

But physicists speak about this quite openly now. They are allowed to, since they are physicists. Their conclusions are based on discoveries they have made. It’s not a theory for them anymore; it is a reality because they have been observing this in their experiments since Hugh Everett in the middle of the last century and even earlier.
From KabTV’s “Building a Social Environment”, 9/25/12

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