The Heart Cannot Abide Without Love

Dr. Michael LaitmanThe heart is at the center of everything. It’s not an accident that we associate human desires and passions with the heart. We say, “from the bottom of my heart,” or “my heart is bleeding,” or “my heart is melting with joy,” or “follow your heart.” The heart can be “kind,” “tender,” “sinking,” “broken,” etc. In general, the heart signifies the essence of life, both in the material and spiritual senses. Of course, we use this word symbolically. The heart per se is a bodily organ; it can be implanted and/or replaced even by a man-made device. Essentially, the heart is a “pump.”

However, it’s hard to overestimate the significance of this organ since it denotes the main action of nature, the act of receiving and giving. The heart “collects” blood from the entire body and then delivers it to all other organs by applying pressure; thus, it provides nourishment to all body parts and cleans them of toxins.

By all means, the heart doesn’t work on its own. It simply cannot pump blood through the entire body without blood vessels that interact with the heart by pushing the blood further to every single cell of the organism. The heart works not because it’s so strong, but rather it sets the rhythm and instigates the original impulse in the body. Then, multiple mechanisms of the blood system (which are not yet explored well enough by contemporary science) begin working together with the heart. Hence, the heart is not only a bodily “pump,” it also coordinates other systems.

There are multiple problems associated with the heart’s work, since “receiving and giving” have to be well-balanced. The health of the entire body depends on the harmony between these two states, which makes it possible to evaluate both physical and spiritual (internal) constituents of a person. If a system of receiving and bestowal is well-balanced (similarly to how it is attuned in the heart), then one harmoniously interacts with others and maintains correct relationships with one’s surroundings. We receive and give (in the same way as the heart), thus providing healthy collaboration with other people.

In other words, at the interpersonal level, we all are connected with each other through our “hearts,” meaning through our qualities. Ideally, we have to use our qualities to pursue one purpose, which is to maintain harmonious relationships with others, meaning giving and receiving all that is needed.

At the same time, the heart per se doesn’t need anything except minimal energy to provide normal work. It doesn’t consume blood that flows through it, nor does it receive anything specific; it simply functions. The “pleasure” it receives (if we can use this word in this context) is the fact that it serves the entire body and pours energy into it.

This is a good example of mental/spiritual health with behavior in accordance with the principles: “Don’t do to others what you hate for yourself” and “Love thy neighbor as thyself.” One has to regard the needs of his surroundings as his own and provide others with everything that is in his power to satisfy all of their external necessities. This is exactly how the heart functions.

Current research states that we are closely interconnected in many different ways, not excluding the unity of our souls. So, we can say that the systems we belong to have reciprocal influences upon each other. As a result, when we have a nervous breakdown or low spirits, they by all means reflect upon our heart. Our heart is very sensitive to our spirits; the heart can get “sick” not only as a result of some physical disease. It’s not an accident that when we get into a critical situation we put our hand on our hearts, since our nervous system instantaneously affects the heart and forces it to respond.

Our understanding of what’s going on in the higher systems of egoistic relationships among us starts from here. So far, we are using our “hearts” solely for mercenary receiving that has no sign of giving whatsoever, meaning that we use the heart in a completely wrong way, whereas all it needs is harmony. Besides that, we influence our physical heart from the level of our desires and corrupt relationships.

Until now, we were not involved in integral connections of the global community; this explains why the impact of these mechanisms remained so weak. However, in the middle of the last century, a close connection among all of us emerged; nevertheless, we still continue acting selfishly instead of cultivating our relations. As a result, wrong egoistic interactions impact our physical hearts. There’s nothing strange about the intensification of cardiac problems that has turned out to be one of the most dangerous health issues nowadays.

It’s not hard to cure the heart, since it’s not a really complex organ. Although, all we do at this time is “mend” it by using various symptomatic remedies, and in the meantime, statistics continue to show dismal trends. It happens because we haven’t started to correct the relationships between us. Only by building the right mechanism of receiving and giving at the human level, the highest level, only through “pumping” the system with correct and equal relationships that convey harmony and peace can we alter our bodily systems, first and foremost, our cardio-vascular system.

It’s worth mentioning that the configuration of our heart, its mitral valves, mode of operation, and related systems, are in line with our spiritual structure. However, we don’t take into account the wholeness of our organism, but rather treat visible symptoms and not the real cause of the disease.

Even doctors agree that “everything comes from the head,” and the “head of everything” is our relationships, thoughts and desires. In spirituality, the “heart” is the core of our desires so much stems from the spiritual qualities of a person.

In fact, the only cure for the heart is love. It is said, “Love covers all crimes.” In other words, if one’s heart works solely for bestowal and strives to satisfy external needs, it means that “one works with love,” either to one’s body or to one’s neighbors. No doubt that this kind of work, by all means, should result in a complete cure. So, instead of “heart research institutes,” I would open “institutes of love.” It will be the best preventive method ever.
From a “Talk About the New Life” 10/10/12

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  1. The thought I have is about those that give with love, but, does not feel love being received.

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