The Group: Homing In On The Target

Dr. Michael LaitmanWe should understand that everyone experiences the burdening of the ego and thoughts of criticism about the Rav, the group, about where we are headed, and the study as compared to other methods. This is good and right. These doubts are sent from Above. We must not annul them, but rather accept them and overcome them. We advance only by constantly clarifying our feelings with regard to the goal, the path, and by checking our deviation from it.

If a person cannot get back on the right track, correct himself with regard to the path, since his ego doesn’t let him see his true condition and his pride blinds him, then such people, without mercy, should be eliminated from the group because they are very dangerous.

We shouldn’t be ashamed and hide such cases in the group. On the contrary, if we know about such cases and respond, it will be easier for us to cope with it. We will feel that we are all protected in the group and that we have one wide back. That group will be able to get advice from others and we will be enriched so that such things will not happen in other places.

We will be able to learn from such cases, to know in advance how to straighten things and get back on track and to clarify our principles. After all, a beginner doesn’t understand what valuable experience has accumulated in the group for decades. They believe that it is enough to read a page or two from the staute and to find out what to do. They don’t understand that it is all based on a person’s internal changes that are accumulated as a result of years of work.

A person who follows this path is required to bring himself to changes: not external changes but to change himself so that he will see the world of Ein Sof (Infinity) around him. “One judges according to his own flaws,” so it is precisely these flaws that we have to correct internally and not the external world. This is the only right approach.

We should be very careful not to let people who are inclined to be dominant and suppress others, who do not allow others to take different roles equally, to run the group. After all, by that they don’t let others advance and thus bury themselves.
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 10/28/12, “Conversation About the Group”

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