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Dr. Michael LaitmanIn the News (from The Guardian): “Knobbly carrots, wonky spuds, bent courgettes and discoloured cauliflowers will return to supermarket shelves after one of the worst growing seasons farmers have experienced in decades. …

“On Thursday, Sainsbury’s relaxed its rules on the cosmetic appearance of fresh produce and allowed fruit and vegetables that would normally be ploughed back into fields to be sold in its 1,012 stores.

“Research last year by the government’s waste reduction body, Wrap, showed that the recession has encouraged supermarkets and householders to throw out less food. According to Wrap, British families rejected nearly 7.2m tonnes of food a year – a reduction of 13% or 1.1m tonnes since 2007.”
My Comment: Thus, we gradually could come to reasonable consumption!

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  1. The real underlying issue here is that we are inclined to be picky. That is the essence of biological evolution, it is a filtration and selection process. Everyone if they could would only have the very best. May we live in a world soon so advanced that all may have the highest, that we would be unlimited by virtue of our virtue to deserve such an existence.

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