Joy With A Quiver

Dr. Michael LaitmanBaal HaSulam, Shamati, Article 11, “Joy With a Quiver”: Hence, where there is love, there should be fear as well, as fear is the hollow. It follows that when there are both, there is wholeness. Otherwise, each wants to revoke the other. Love is called existence, whereas fear is called dearth and hollow. Only with the two of them together is there wholeness. And this is called “two legs,” and precisely when one has two legs can one walk.

All our work concentrates on two lines: the right and the left, and the middle line comes from Above. Here below, we must first worry about wholeness. We should always turn to the right line first and deal with it: to think about wholeness as much as possible, about the Creator’s greatness, about the importance of the goal, and about the greatness of the friends and the group.

On the other hand, it is impossible to constantly be in a state of wholeness, since there will be no advancement then; if a person never leaves the state of wholeness, it is called Hassidism when everything is seemingly accepted with love and joy.

A person raises himself artificially to this kind of attitude, ready to rejoice no matter what happens. Thus he annuls the criticism in him. So it is possible to educate a person to adopt this kind of attitude. Education puts a person in one line, either the right or the left, and he follows this line and constantly holds on to one principle.

There are faiths and religions that keep a person in a state of joy, in constant elation, and there are others that keep him in constant weeping, forcing him to torture himself and to feel that he is a sinner, like a “fool sitting idly eating his own flesh.”

But the right way to advance and to build a human being has to be along two lines, and a person must build them by himself. He must develop the right line by the environment, by imagining the greatness of the Creator, as much as he can. He builds the right line to the extent that he can annul himself before the environment that provides the feeling of the Creator’s greatness.

This means that to be in the right line, he already has to have annulled himself, which means that the left line is included in the right line. If by that he subdues himself before the greatness of the Creator, which he receives from the environment, and he builds his right line, then it is already part of the spiritual work and not just in order to feel happy.
From the 1st part to the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 10/17/12, Shamati #11

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