Hyperinflation Will Push The World To A Witch-Hunt

Dr. Michael LaitmanOpinion (Dylan Grice, SocGen strategist): “‘I am more worried than I have ever been about the clouds gathering today (which may be the most wonderful contrary indicator you could hope for…). I hope they pass without breaking, but I fear the defining feature of coming decades will be a Great Disorder of the sort which has defined past epochs and scarred whole generations.’ …

“Grice is concerned that, as history has shown, currency debasement will lead to ‘social debasement,’ or a rise in social disorder as trust breaks down on a large scale.

“And the social debasement is already easy to see in the United States, according to Grice. He writes, ‘The 99% blame the 1%, the 1% blame the 47%, the private sector blames the public sector, the public sector returns the sentiment … the young blame the old, everyone blame the rich … yet few question the ideas behind government or central banks …’

“Grice says we’ve been living through ‘what might be the largest credit inflation in financial history, a credit hyperinflation.’

“That ‘credit hyperinflation,’ however, has only served to enrich those at the top at the expense of those at the bottom.

“Grice looks at some examples from history where currency debasement led to a complete breakdown of the social fabric of communities like the Roman Empire, France during the revolutionary period at the end of the 18th century, and Weimar Germany.

“In every case, citizens turned on each other as a sharply devalued currency led to a breakdown of trust between members of society.

“A perhaps lesser-known incident that Grice brings to light, however, is a period in Britain during the late 16th and early 17th centuries when the country was rocked by witch trials.”

My Comment: Today, humanity has not changed at all. Until we correct our nature, we, enlightened humanity, are ready for guillotines and burning at the stake. It is a short time away; the states and nations, religions and competitors will start in a mad rage to destroy everyone who is not like them, cleaning the space, getting rid of pressure…

There is only a small chance for humanity to come to its mandatory intended unity peacefully, mastering integral education and upbringing. Will they be able to pay attention at this opportunity or will they obey their egoistic impulses?

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