Dissemination: From Each According To Ability

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: By our attaining the next level in the convention, the work in the group will become deeper and stronger, but together with that, what will happen to the dissemination for the 99%?

Answer: We need to be involved with dissemination. Those in the group who are of the opinion that they can disseminate need to be involved in it. They can create games, write materials, and be involved in it. This means that people in the group need to divide their commitments, each one needs to execute a certain job in order to serve the 99%. There are people who can go out to the public.

In many cases women are preferred over men: They don’t invite antagonism, don’t cause worry or suspicion, and don’t cause many problems.

I think that all of those who can should be given an opportunity to participate in the dissemination. You shouldn’t force a person who is afraid or if he doesn’t have an inner foundation to go out to the public, if he is not able to place himself correctly. Teaching is nevertheless a talent, and a person must have it. Of course, it’s possible to learn, but also for that one needs some preliminary basis.

Clarify who in the group is really able to deal with dissemination and invest in them. And whoever isn’t, don’t. Don’t force them. They can assist, arrange things, and serve, which is also a big and essential job that isn’t less valuable than other work. You need to seriously relate to those opportunities that you have and not restrain them.
From “A Virtual Lesson on Fundamentals of Kabbalah” 9/23/12

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