Attacking The Enemy Within

Dr. Michael LaitmanThe egoistic mind considers the group to be an alien power. However, a man can use this force and bring it closer to him, and in this case, it will help him. This is the way that one begins realizing that this huge world with all its external circles that surround and squeeze him is created for a purpose.

Help cannot come from the inanimate, vegetative, or animate levels. They are incapable of helping people since they have no intention to rise above their nature. Only the group and friends aspire to rise above their nature. It doesn’t matter whether they recognize this fact or not yet. The Creator granted them a point in the heart, a special desire to seek the Creator and reveal Him. It’s the only desire that one needs to perceive in his friends.

There are numerous spiritual sparks in our friends; if we collect them together, it will be quite enough to reveal a spiritual vessel. Then, we’ll start sensing spirituality and the upper force that fills the entire reality.

This explains why it is so important to get together, connect with, and inspire each other. Although, the most important thing is to justify our friends, no matter how bad they look in our spoiled eyes. It is said: “One judges according to one’s own flaws.”

It seems to me that I am higher than everybody else and that I understand and sense more than others. It doesn’t matter that my friends have not reached full revelation yet; the main thing is that they bear a spark inside them. The Creator implanted in each of us a particle of the upper world; it is as if He used tweezers to insert an element of the higher realm in us.

Our fellow group-mates’ sparks are in fact my “friends.” We should only take interest in the sparks that reside in our friends’ hearts. All we have to ponder are the sparks in the hearts – the particles of the upper world in us. We have to connect with them and never pay attention to anything besides them, neither to physical bodies, nor to the hearts per se. We should ignore the other kinds of desires. We shouldn’t pay any attention to them at all; the main thing is the spark.

We have to understand that we are not attacking an external enemy. We have to fight with internal obstacles that inhibit our connection with our friends’ hearts. This is the first step towards truth.
From a Talk at a Meal Dedicated to the Commemoration of Rabash, 9/20/12

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