A Guide To The Upper Reality

Dr. Michael LaitmanEvery time we begin to study from the books of Kabbalists and especially The Book of Zohar we must first of all be grateful for the state we were rewarded with. We are lucky to study about the attribute of bestowal, about the world of bestowal, and to connect to the source of power that can raise us above the animate level to the level of the speaking. Then we will be in bestowal and will love others and the Creator.

This means that we must value the “tool,” the means, that we have now—the special book, which by reading I determine my connection with the upper world. If I value it, if I am attracted upwards and feel awe, then by reading it I can perform different actions on myself. It isn’t just in order to change, but in order to become compatible to what is external to me.

It seems that there is a big world around me and as for now it is true, but later I discover that it is all built of vessels, of my desires. I will perceive them as parts of my body and by that will establish my attitude towards the upper force that created me and I will adhere to it.

The book should provide me with all that. So, I have to value the giant system that is around me. A Kabbalah book, just like a guide, helps me become familiar with the reality I am in, and tells me how to use it in order to get to know the upper force and to adhere to it.

First we have to value the new perspective that is revealed to us. Then accordingly we can turn to the upper force with a request, since the goal is so sublime, great and wonderful, that I surely want to attain it.

Then I begin to operate my desire, to receive or to bestow, according to how much I clarify it. In order to clarify the desire correctly several conditions must be filled:

  1. I acknowledge the greatness of the source.
  2. When I see that it is great, I want it to influence me correctly. After all, this force can be the “elixir of life” or the “potion of death”—it all depends on my attitude and on what I want from it. In order to establish the right attitude towards it, I was given a group. If I try to reach a “prayer of many” together with the friends, our demand will be right and we will be rewarded with the “elixir of life.” A person cannot know if he is asking for the right thing by himself, and so I was given a tool called “friends,” thanks to which I can undoubtedly turn to the upper force correctly and ask for the right things.

From the 2nd part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 10/3/12, The Zohar

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