The Property Of The Creator Is Infinity

Dr. Michael LaitmanAll our training is to create the vessels, desires, in ourselves in which we can obtain Infinity, the unlimited revelation of the Creator. So we need to stay in the desire to bestow, in such desires that are not limited by anything, and thus it is possible to reveal the Creator in them.

Love cannot be revealed in a limited state. We do not know what true love is, but that does not make the property contrary to any restriction, boundaries, or limits.

That is why, the preparation of the desire to reveal the Creator is to acquire the property of bestowal. And there is one more condition: We must be able not only to feel the Creator, but also to understand Him! To do this, we need to have an unlimited vessel. That is why our bestowal should be manifested in two ways: in feelings and in the mind.
From the Preparation to the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 9/3/12

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