The Developer Of The Points In The Heart

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: What should be the result of studying the integral method in one’s feelings and mind, for the 99%, and for us?

Answer: When you teach the method of the “Transition from ‘I’ to ‘We,’” you need to understand that by doing this you create the same contact for people without a point in the heart as you have. Only they do not feel this movement forward as strongly as you do.

But it will still be manifesting in them. After all, everyone has a point in the heart; everyone comes from the Creator! We all are pieces of a single vessel, Kli, which broke into billions of pieces, and this is why their point in the heart is still very deep in them in a concealed state.

This is why you constantly give them energy through lectures, classes, and seminars, and it manifests their points in the heart, like an image on photographic paper, which is being developed. They will suddenly begin to feel it.

Suddenly, there will be people among them who will aspire towards a more inner-knowledge and will want to study Kabbalah with you. And there will be people who will not want this, but unity will make them feel a life-giving force is manifesting in them, holding them, giving them a whole new spirit, another level of existence.

As for you, you are building a common Kli. 99% of the population joins the same system as you even though they do not understand or feel this system. But you begin to perceive this system in a more real way because of the pumping of the upper energy, the upper Light is happening though you.
From a Virtual Lesson 8/26/12

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