If You Don’t Come To The World, The World Will Come To You

Dr. Michael LaitmanBaal HaSulam, “A Handmaid Is Heir to Her Mistress”: The Higher Roots, called “Externality,” as we have explained above, are generally called “handmaid” and “slave.” This aims to show that they do not intend to harm at all, as it may seem in superficial observation. Instead, they serve the internality, like the slave and the handmaid who serve their masters.

It seems that the world is full of conflicts, wars, hatred, and troubles, and although we could really manage among us by cooperation and mutuality, eventually everything is aimed at one thing: Even in the current situation everyone is serving one another. It is very hard to accept this and yet that’s the way it is. The relations among us may seem unpleasant and awful, but still everyone serves others.

Of course, we cannot accept this form of fulfillment; on the contrary, we can sustain the same thing in a faster, better, and more comfortable manner. Still we have to accept the upper Providence: no matter what happens, everything happens for the purpose of mutual correction.

Question: Today I hear on the news that the Iranian leaders want to destroy Israel. Do I have to say to myself: “That’s good, it serves us?”

Answer: There is no doubt that it serves us, but we could accept the current phase of our development in a more pleasant and comfortable way if we related to what is happening correctly. The problem is in us, in the Jewish people and so we summon upon ourselves specifically this form of external pressure instead of a friendly attitude.

The forces of development are expressed this way since we are not preparing ourselves to accept them correctly. Who else is to blame for that but us? This is where all the accusations of the Jews stem from.

After all, the initiative is in our hands, we have the method and around us are desires that cry out: “Why aren’t you coming with the correction?!” Instead of with presents and signs of love, they approach us with threats since we don’t give them what they need.

On the whole, the world is balanced, and that is the world of Ein Sof (Infinity). If we make it lose its balance by not judging the world to the scale of merit, the scale of guilt rises, of not fulfilling our obligation. Rav Kook writes about it: If it is impossible to blow a kosher Shofar of redemption, the enemies of Israel come, Amalek, Hitler, etc. and blow in our ears…and evoke the redemption. He says that Amalek Hitler, etc, evoke the redemption.

Further on he says: Nationality is also part of the rod of the “Jews’ troubles,” here too we see the redemption, but you cannot bless this Shofar.

“You cannot bless,” but it is also a Shofar…

The whole point is that we are in the world of Ein Sof, and we are the ones who determine how it will appear to us, which of its parts will seem “white” to us and which will seem “black.” So there is nothing to cry about. Ahmadinejad awakens us to reach the correction faster. In addition to that the global crisis pushes us. If it began in some distant place and has reached us, it means that we are lagging behind in our development, in our ability to present the method of correction to the nations of the world.

What is worse is that we subconsciously hope that as a result of the troubles they will understand us instead of having to run to them to explain in every possible way the solution to the problem. We don’t worry about it the way we should. There is a lot we have to do, but we act irresponsibly, not feeling that we are guilty of what is happening, and so the troubles are nearing us. It won’t be as people threaten, it will be much worse than that.
From the 4th part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 9/2/12, “A Handmaid that Is Heir to Her Mistress”

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  1. Dear Rabbi Laitman

    The situation for me trying to co-operate with the Creator and what you teach is at the point of impossible. I feel totally drained to my core. The parties in South Africa where I live have been trying to tear me into a million peaces over the past few year of the new discovery. They will not stop to try and pull me back to where they are believing they are on the correct path and I am mad. I am left with very little to work with in a practical sense. What you share and teach help and my trust and faith in the Creator. The rest come against me day after day. Just needed to share this with you. All I am trying to do is be obedient to the best of my ability granted to me….

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