Bestowal Has No Limits

Dr. Michael LaitmanThe spiritual body retains only the Light that descends to it from the Partzuf’s head. All sorts of decisions and arrangements regarding creation’s actions in relation to the Creator are made in the Partzuf’s head. Later, everything that was preset in the head is being implemented through the body.

There is nothing in the body that does not exist in the head; it’s essential to practically implement throughout the body what is in the head, meaning receive for the sake of bestowal with the intention to please the Creator.

As a result, all elements of a spiritual action are being revealed (the complete TANTA); however, creation realizes that the work it has just performed was “fragmental” (partial) by nature and that it has not reached the same level of benevolence towards the Creator that the Creator transmits to it.

Thus, creation cannot continue acting as before, nor can it be satisfied with its actions, since there is no such thing as incomplete relationships in spirituality; spiritual relations are perfect. If a person faces boundaries and understands that he is incapable of overcoming them, he has to stop. Although, even when he stops he should still feel at least fractional love for his Master, even though it is not sufficient compared to the unlimited benevolence of the Creator and His desire to please the creation.

Partzufim in which one receives the Light from the Creator only prove that if creation lacks even one gram before it reaches the final correction it is still equal to doing nothing at all since one still limits one’s bestowal and thus makes it incomplete! This is the most vital thing to understand!

It doesn’t matter that one has already completed 99% of work. He still has restricted borders of love, whereas the Creator always relates to us with infinite love; the difference here is qualitative and crucial. So, until we reach the end of correction, we shouldn’t lose even a single step that we have already gone through; our duty is to constantly search for what else to add.
From the 3rd part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 9/3/12 The Study of the Ten Sefirot

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