A Valve In The Heart

Dr. Michael LaitmanIf we prepared for the descent, we could say now that we have done so much, that we prepared for it. But it turned out that it is stronger than us. We held on as much as we could with the power we built up in advance, and still, for a moment we couldn’t hold on and it happened. But we could already clarify our weak points and understand why it happened.

The Creator “trips” us somewhere, but why? He may want to show us deficiencies on a different, more advanced level, more deeply in the creation. But we learned nothing and simply fell dead.

There is actually no ascent without a descent, so we have to remain loyal to one another, like cells in one body in which each cell is responsible for all the other cells and if all the other cells are not responsible for it, it will die.

It may be like an oxygen pipe between us. The pipe reaches me after it has passed through a thousand friends before, and what is more no one knows who they are exactly. Everyone can turn off the tap without anyone noticing and the oxygen will not reach me and so I will die.

The tap is our lack of attention, lack of desire. It can open the valve more widely or close it; it all depends on the friend’s desire with regard to me: Does he think about me and about the whole system? If he adds such a deficiency, the valve opens, and if he diminishes the deficiency and it disappears, the valve closes, clogs the pipe, and we all die.

Do you understand that everyone dies because of you? It is all because the valve in your heart is closed. Ask the Creator to help you, to become your partner if the friends are dead and cannot help you. Turn to the Creator for help like to another human being. At least He can be like a human being,

Question: Can we turn to the Creator like to a human being?

Answer: You are not afraid to curse Him are you? So why can’t you turn to Him like to another human being so that He will intervene and help you? Do you think it is forbidden?

Turn to Him and say: “I am asking You to help me! Let’s go to the group together and revive the dead so that they will be resurrected!” say it several times in your heart and you will see how helpful it is.

The Creator is ready to work with you and to cooperate with you in everything. There is nothing that prevents this. You can turn to Him at any moment, with any demand.

We know that the request from Him should go through the group since otherwise it will not be heard, but it is when the group is ready to respond to you and work mutually with you. If you have no choice, turn directly to the Creator in order to go with him to Pharaoh. Don’t wait for those who are busy with the pots full of meat and who are full of the onions and the garlic.
From the 3rd part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 9/24/12, The Study of the Ten Sefirot

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