99% Of The Population And The Laws Of Commutation

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: Are the laws of Rabash that we learn appropriate for work in a group of the 99% of the population?

Answer: We should extract from there the fundamentals and teach them to the external audience. What do the laws of Rabash mean? Who are Kabbalists? These are people who take from nature certain general rules and attributes and teach them to us. If I need to be included in the general system, then I have to see this system as higher relative to me. Then I need to diminish myself, and I will be able to connect to it as a little one to grownups.

These are the usual laws of commutation designed to connect together. On the other hand, you need to bring your force to the people with whom you work in this group, the uniqueness of your point in the heart, because it is special in each of us. At the same time, you have to be as if above them, that is, to influence them from the point in the heart. Once, you fully connect with them and cancel yourself, you begin to influence, to bestow.

What Rabash writes about is the basic conditions that we know even from technology and from our physiology: how cells, neural pathways, synapses, etc. connect with each other. We know all that! There is nothing else.

So here it is possible not to mention the Kabbalists, but to take the information from engineering, biology, from anywhere. They are completely rational. They can be explained to any person.
From a Virtual Lesson 8/26/12

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