Gather The Harvest And Feed The Afflicted

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: The Creator wants us to be an example for the whole world so we could develop the method and be the transitional link. What changes do we have to make in our desire to attain what we read about in the books of Kabbalists and to really become an example for everyone?

Answer: First of all, we must be the “head.” The letters of the word “Israel” (ישראל) decompose into the expression “my head” (לי ראש). We must check what is happening in the world, what is the Creator’s will, and how we can become an “adapter,” connecting His plans and desires with the world, as well as how to bring the world closer to realization. Let the Creator determine the new state of the world while the world moves forward in order to desire to take on this state. For that I have to be in the middle as an intermediary, mentor, educator, assistant.

That is our work. All that is incumbent upon Israel is to give an example, to “play” with the world, helping it to acquire the right form, to explain what is happening, to speak about the reasons for the troubles. After all, in the spiritual sense, people are “little children,” and we must patiently take care of their development, becoming imbued with their worries.

In the past I was far from this and did not understand why I need a connection with all of humanity. Throughout my entire life in the past, I supposed that I would be closed off in the scientific environment that I liked while providing all of the material necessities for myself. I wanted to attain, understand, and weave together the picture of reality, and I was not planning to lower my gaze to what lies below that level. Why does a researcher of the universe need all those who are merely confused about this question or who don’t care about it at all? This was my position.

However, afterwards I departed from the prideful egoistic scorn towards those around me and reached the opposite position where I am willing to constantly “change their diapers.” After all, everything depends on the realization of the importance, and on the spiritual path it becomes apparent that this is our work, that this is how we facilitate the correction of the world and give pleasure to the Creator.

There is no work higher than this one. It is not an accident that it is written that a person who plows his field to feed the hungry carries out the priests’ spiritual work. We simply do not understand what the task of the Kohanim is. Beneath the external “magnificence,” something completely different is concealed – care for those who are small. In a family, the children are the most important ones and everything revolves around them. That is how we should act as well. This is called “the kingdom of priests” where we don’t have anything else besides this work. We create the correspondence between the Creator and the creatures, adapting their desires to His revelation.

Question: What are we missing for that now?

Answer: We need many qualified people. All of our friends must go through courses for teachers and organizers. We have the resources and we have to realize them more and more, wider, deeper, and higher. We need massive work on education, which will require the efforts of everyone without exception. And then, once we are ready, we have to think about how to come out to a wide audience.

We will have to do this immediately, and we are already lagging behind. It’s a shame that not everyone hears me. This makes me afraid about what might happen in the country in the near future. After all, everything in the world is rigidly interconnected and only we are able to “sweeten” what is happening with our work.
From the 4th part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 6/13/12, Arvut

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