Europeans In Crisis Started Drinking More

Dr. Michael LaitmanIn the News (from Reuters): “People in Europe drink more alcohol than in any other part of the world, downing the equivalent of 12.5 litres of pure alcohol a year or almost three glasses of wine a day, according to report by the World Health Organisation and the European Commission. …

“In a breakdown of drinking by sub-region, the heaviest drinkers were in central-eastern and eastern Europe – consuming 14.5 litres of pure alcohol per adult per year compared to 12.4 litres in central-western and western Europe, 11.2 litres in southern Europe and 10.4 litres in Nordic countries.”

My Comment: Humanity will certainly plunge into any means that help to disconnect from reality, especially those who are ruined and unemployed, and only the quick organization of the courses in integral education and upbringing will help not only to prevent falling, but also to raise people to the next level of development, a “Human Being,” to what the crisis pushes us.

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