Bound Together By One Connection

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: How can we become professionals of integral upbringing? What is it?

Answer: A professional of integral upbringing, firstly, is one who understands evolution, which we have undergone as the egoistic development of a person and humanity. From generation to generation, we have been developing until the point when our usual human egoism ceased to grow.

It has manifested itself almost in everything and now begins to become round; that is, more and more, we feel greater unity, integrality, and globality of all early affairs, absolute dependence of each other, and, in most cases, this is unwanted.

Corporations with global operations and markets understand what profit they have from this. And humankind, countries, governments, various organizations, and anyone in the world suddenly begin to feel constrained and interconnected with everyone.

Today, in order to provide myself with everything necessary, with what I am used to because I have developed to this level and cannot imagine a normal existence below it, as an ordinary citizen of any country, city, or region, I need to be fully connected with the whole world and feel dependent on everyone.

For example, China supplies special elements, rare metals, to all the countries. But what can we do if it no longer wants to supply them. We will have no computers, no phones, nothing. If somewhere the development of oil fields and all kinds of chemical materials is stopped, we will be left with nothing. That is, the world has been divided into sectors, which become so intertwined that it’s impossible today to imagine a normal existence without proper integral work of the entire world.

Billions of people live in cities, in an artificial society, which they have created and which would be very easy to destroy; it’s enough to break a few links and people will no longer be able to exist in the stone jungles they have built.

Our current state, in general, is clear to many, even to the simplest people, because it’s easy to explain from where we get everything and to whom in turn we deliver it. And from this mutual dependence, which emerged in the era of subsistence farming, first in the family, then in the cities, in factories, and then within the nation, now, no one can isolate himself, and this forces us to think differently.
From a “Talk on Integral Upbringing” 5/20/12

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