Why Is It So Hard To Ask?

Dr. Michael LaitmanThe spiritual work is different from the work we do in this world. This world is the world of actions. I perform a certain action in order to get a certain result. There is a thought, there is a goal, a plan, and accordingly I begin to work to fulfill the action in order to reach the goal—this is how I perform the whole process.

But in spiritual work we have another key partner that does the work. We only create the work for Him. He works and performs all the actions, the plan is His and He does everything. We are only responsible for the fact that we can activate Him.

The boss here is the Creator, He has His own plan and all the materials and the power to fulfill it, everything that is needed. Everything takes place according to a predetermined plan, but only if we hasten it.

It is as if there is a lazy contractor that undertook to build us a house, but we always have to come to him and ask that he do something. As long as you demand, he does; the moment you stop demanding, he immediately stops. We fuel this machine and only then does it begin to work.

It is very hard for us to internalize this, to understand, and to feel it because we don’t feel the one who performs this work and we think that we have to do everything by ourselves! What is more, this work is done on us, so we don’t really perceive what is happening.

If I could see the Creator and understand that everything depends on Him, then I would certainly constantly ask Him, beg, and urge Him. The problem is that I don’t feel Him! This is the essence of the concealment of the Creator, that I don’t feel that I am in His hands, and so I don’t ask Him to do anything.

I don’t feel that I depend on Him, but I think that everything is within my abilities. This concealment created the egoistic power in me, a shell, by making me feel sure that I myself will rule! So the Pharaoh in me says: “Who is the Lord, that I should listen to His voice? Do everything by yourself!”

This is the point where the domination of the ego is revealed; this is the place where the “shell” and the “Holiness” in me clash.

“I rule!”, means that I will do everything by myself and not the Creator. I prefer to do everything by myself, instead of asking Him to do something. But we know that our work is to reach the request. This is the only thing that we need. Then everything happens by itself.
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 4/25/12, Writings of Rabash

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