The Debt Crisis Is Returning

Dr. Michael LaitmanIn the News (from The Guardian): “Europe’s sovereign debt crisis exploded back into life on Tuesday, with markets across the continent rocked by a wave of panic selling amid renewed fears about the impact of savage austerity measures in Spain and Italy.

“Italy and Spain, the eurozone’s third and fourth biggest economies, were at the centre of the market turmoil, with investors demanding an increasingly high premium for holding their bonds.

“‘Spain is a big focus right now and even Greece will be coming back into the picture as it looks for another tranche of aid, so this eurozone debt tragedy is not going away, but seems to be getting worse,’ said Daniel Hwang, senior currency strategist at in New York.”

My Comment: The crisis will not go away until people understand its cause. It forces us to change ourselves, our relationships and rebuild everything on a new foundation, not egoistic, but like in a single family. Nature has all the possibilities to implement this, while we have no strength to resist it, so isn’t it better to think?

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