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“The Sage Taught Survival In A Global World, March 23, 2012, Irena Budrienė.

“Professor of Ontology and epistemology, a member of The World Wisdom Council, and the founder and director of the ARI Institute in Israel Michael Laitman, who visited Siauliai, suggested a new approach to teaching not only children, but also adults. He signed a cooperation agreement with Šiauliai University.

“The hall of the university library was packed. Although the visit of the thinker was announced modestly, extra chairs were needed in the hall of the library of Šiauliai University because there were so many people who wanted to listen to the professor’s lecture on integral education.

“It seems the ideas of Michael Laitman were not new to the people of Šiauliai. The majority of those gathered have read his books and heard about the method of integral education, encouraging not to stop one’s education throughout life.

“‘The world has changed. Our planet is not able to satisfy consumer, egoistic needs of a human being, so we have no other choice but to adapt to this,’ said the sage. With a decrease in consumption, there be no need for such big production; a person won’t have to work from dawn to dusk.

“The professor suggests that the army of unemployed that is growing rapidly should be occupied: invited to universities and taught harmony with the world, with the environment. “‘Anyway, the unemployed have to be paid unemployment benefits. It is better to pay a stipend, preserving the dignity of people, to give them knowledge and hope. Indeed, after several years of unemployment, people are not able to return to the labor market and remain productive members of society,’ Michael Laitman explained.

“He warned of the danger if the turned-down people are not reached for. In this case, there is a threat of catastrophe and global outbreaks of uncontrolled aggression.

“Amazing Results

“‘We are used to studying separate subjects at school and university, and the world is united, and education must be all-inclusive,’ said Michael Laitman. We must teach children how to look at the world, their environment and nature. We must introduce the concepts of life to them, tell about the correct relationship in the family and in society, the world, the stars, money, history, and geography.

“We need to explain that all this is a single mechanism, a harmonious integrated whole that has to be protected. In violating this harmony, we cause suffering and crises, diseases, environmental disasters, wars, and terrorist acts.

“Revealing to children nature and the laws that govern humanity, we gradually cultivate their attitude toward themselves and society, and finally, they learn to look at life from above, become aware of their responsibility for the world, and realize that everything is one.

“The professor didn’t hide that the children educated in this method achieve amazing results: thirteen and fourteen-year-old teenagers enter university and study successfully.

“Michael Laitman has authored over fourty books that were translated into 26 languages. The book Modern Children: How to Grow Together? The Method of Integral Upbringing was published in the Lithuanian language.

“The method that he created is becoming popular in many countries around the world. ‘Our institute cooperates extensively with public organizations, UNESCO, the United Nations, but we are not connected with politicians and states,’ said the professor.

“A Contract With Šiauliai University

“Professor Michael Laitman arrived to Lithuania not only to give lectures, but also to sign a cooperation agreement to develop integral education with Šiauliai University. The procedure for signing the contract was held in the presence of all the assembled people.

“The method of Michael Laitman will be used in Šiauliai University in the faculties of social sciences, social welfare, and disability studies. ‘Wait for lectures. They’ll be given for free to the public,’ enthusiastically promised Vida Skačkauskaitė, lecturer at Šiauliai University and one of the initiators of the signing of the contract. The Sage Taught Survival In A Global World1“UPBRINGING: Professor Michael Laitman talked about how to survive in a global world. The Sage Taught Survival In A Global World2“CONTRACT: The founder and director of the ARI Institute in Israel and the Vice-Rector of Šiauliai University, Teodoras Tamošiūnas, signed a cooperation agreement for the development of integrated education.

“Photo: Giedrius Baranauskas”

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