A Living Spark Of Creation

Dr. Michael LaitmanA spark emerges specifically out of collision, explosion, like when striking a flint against steel. A spark is something completely new; it is the result of a collision between two uncompromising opposites that fight with each other.

Nothing of this kind ever existed before; matter has always been under the Creator’s control. All of a sudden, a crash happens and it produces a spark. This spark does not exist either in the Creator or matter—either in the property of bestowal or in the property of reception. It results from a strike and creates a foundation that allows us to grow and become independent.

Solely due to this spark, we name the upper force “the Creator” who made something that didn’t exist in nature before. The spark is in fact creation.

Everything starts with a breakthrough, a collision, a sparkle. Our work is to shape our life around it. This spark is an independent point from which our development begins, similarly to a fetus in the Upper Mother.

The mother possesses two forces: Hochma and Hassadim, but we still need a spark to start growing using these two forces. Otherwise, creation will not exist. Only this particular kind of semen “impregnates” the Upper Mother.

Do you really think that any piece of matter placed into Her can eventually grow into a human being? She won’t accept anything other than that. She consists of two forces: bestowal and reception, which are separated by an abyss, a gap: the middle third of Sefira Tifferet. This is exactly where we should insert our spark since it also emerged as a result of the collision between two contradictory forces. When placed inside the mother, right in the middle of two opposite forces of Hochma and Hassadim, into Klipat Noga, we start growing there, which is called “one’s seed is also blessed.”

If I choose the desire to enjoy to the extent that I am able to create a screen (the intention to bestow) for it and connect them together, it means that I create myself. Of course, I do it with the help of the upper one: the group, the environment, and Bina. Then the entity formed there, within, is called man or Adam.
From the 3rd part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 3/21/2012, TES

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