We Are Children That Don’t Resemble Our Mother Nature

Dr. Michael LaitmanWe hope that the knowledge you’ll obtain from the integral education course will help you understand all aspects of life, more so than you think. Let’s talk about the force of bestowal that we want to obtain and what it gives us. Bestowal constitutes help, attention, inclusion to the point of love, which is the greatest force of all. A person can develop all of these qualities by building a correct environment, which will constantly show him an example and thereby change him.

Throughout the course of evolution we’ve developed through the force of egoism that pushes us forward. This force develops the desire to receive pleasure in us, due to which we strive toward knowledge, power, and domination. We feel jealous of others and want to obtain everything they have. And this is how we develop. On account of this force, we acquire knowledge about this world; we get comfortable in it and even begin to control it. The problem is that without balancing our egoistic force with the force of bestowal that exists in nature, we constantly exist under the influence of a destructive force of egoism. After all, if we only strive toward receiving, then we bring our environment, our society, and all people to an imbalance.

If we look at our development, we see that during the first part of our lives starting from birth, we receive all knowledge about the world from our parents or from people that are closely connected to our upbringing. In our teens, we continue to receive examples of how to behave and settle into life from our educators. When we enter into an adult life, we continue learning the art of living in this world from our environment and from our own experiences. And then we can stand firmly on our feet, armed with the strength and knowledge that we’ve received in our childhood and teenage years, and we begin teaching others. When we have our own children, we teach them and prepare them for life.

This is the way that people have always developed. It’s clear to us that without knowledge of this world we won’t be able to survive in it. The more we know about this world and the more we apply this knowledge, the greater will be our success. Ultimately, our success depends on our knowledge of this world. So, we try to pass this knowledge on to our children so that it provides them with the strength to live. After all, the quality of life depends on the amount of knowledge.

But after developing for several thousand of years, in the last 50-60 years we suddenly began to notice that our egoistic growth under the desire to receive and take everything with no regard for others or nature is coming to an end. We can’t continue advancing this way, especially since we’re trying to understand, feel and delve deeper into this world. We see that our strength isn’t sufficient enough. We only are destroying ourselves, our surroundings, and ultimately all of nature. This is why we ask ourselves more and more about the force of love and bestowal, which we are seemingly missing.

In reality, this tremendous force of Mother Nature rules the entire world and it actualizes our development. Our development occurs due to the force of bestowal. Just as we act in relation to our children, so does Mother Nature act in relation to all of us. We are lacking this force of bestowal. We only use it and receive everything from it, but we don’t resemble it at all. And when we think about ourselves, about the essence of our existence, about our development and the process we undergo, then we realize that we have to reach some goal because all of nature’s development has some sort of a purpose.

If we wish to know this goal then we must understand nature better, examine it, and understand the forces that operate within it. Then we might actually understand what’s happening to us and how to develop further in order to obtain a truly good life.
From KabTV’s “A New Life” Episode 12, 1/10/12

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