The Return To The Source

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: My daughter is several months old, and in order to teach her to turn over, I place her on her belly and give her time to try to turn onto her back. But if she cannot manage to do it and keeps crying I turn her over on my own. Why doesn’t the Creator help us turn over when He sees how much we try and that we are failing?

Answer: The Creator is wiser than you. You or some smart doctor decides that a child needs to turn over at a certain age. And then everyone repents their mistakes and decides on something completely opposite: they themselves must turn over….

The problem is that we do not believe that there is something watching us with a lot of dedication from above. The upper Light is right across from the vessel, beginning with the actual world of Infinity. In Infinity, the Light and the vessel merge into one. But when the Light fills the vessel this way there is no creature, because nothing separates it from the Light.

This is the way the still, vegetative, and animate nature exists, the desire to enjoy, which automatically carries out the orders of the Light, which fulfills it, without question, like a car that obeys the driver without questioning him.

But to create a person, something independent needs to be built. And how can he be independent when “There is none else beside the Creator?” And this is why the Creator must disappear and leave an empty space. It is empty because there the creature does not reveal the Creator.

Everything remains as it was; we are in the World of Infinity. But we have lost the feeling of this state: The Light has left our desire and left it empty. And now this desire must take the form of the Light. And the Light will keep returning and entering the desire as the desire works on taking the form of the Light.

And then the creature will take the exact form as the Light. At the same time it will remain opposite to the Light in its matter, but it will become like it in its qualities. And this desire will be called creature, man: This will be us.

This entire circle, beginning with the world of Infinity until our world and back to the world of Infinity is only needed in order to reveal the Creator to the desire, which will be called man. We are in this process only to reveal the Creator in relation to us.
From the Arava Arvut Convention 2/23/12 Lesson #2

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