The Authority Of Bestowal

Dr. Michael LaitmanRabash, Shlavei HaSulam (Steps of the Ladder), “Concerning the Importance of Society”: Therefore, when it comes to the work on the path of truth, a person should seclude himself from other people. This is because the path of truth always requires strengthening as it is against the world. This means that a person should be absorbed only in thoughts about “single authority,” called “bestowal,” and not “public authority,” which is self-love. This is called “two authorities”—the Creator’s authority and one’s own authority.

This is all clear, but the problem is in implementing it. Each of us is under their own authority, and we don’t understand what it means to be under someone else’s authority: “So do I have to become a slave? For if there is an authority, there is also a master?”

Actually we should be under the authority of the altruistic desire instead of under the authority of the egoistic one. It is very hard to understand these things. We simply don’t see where and how all this takes place.

But eventually, thanks to the study and the participation in the life of the group, a person summons a slight illumination upon himself, and he begins to gradually wake up. Then he is ready to hear about “public authority” and “single authority,” about the authority of the Creator and the authority of the creature, about the attribute of bestowal and that of reception…. It  is very hard to clarify these details but when a person identifies them, he begins to understand what is happening to him.

The sages said that it is a long path, but we can shorten it if we listen to their advice. The advice is simple: Do you want to feel that you are on the higher degree, in the next dimension? Build it and form it. Connect with those who want the same thing, and then together summon the upper force so that it will build the network that will become your next degree.

Everything takes place in a person’s perception. The Creator Himself is inconceivable. We perceive Him only in the mutual relationship between all parts of reality, which we are able to perceive. If you change your attitude towards reality, this attitude will become your Creator (Boreh), from the words “come” (Bo) and “see” (Reh).

Now the “Creator” for you is the egoistic force that dwells in the entire reality you perceive. This is how you perceive and feel it. So change it by the Light that Reforms. There is this force that you can evoke, and it is your next level.

All the degrees already exist in that dimension, in that “channel” of information and power, from which you can receive everything. Join it and you will receive everything. Do you want to know what tomorrow will bring? You will know what tomorrow will bring. Do you want to know how to change things? You will know how to do that. Just connect. This, in fact, is the Light that Reforms.

On the whole, our approach is to connect to one another and to summon the Light that will perform this connection correctly. We should show our readiness according to the state we are in and ask for correction.

It is very easy to do that. Therefore, Rabash’s articles about the society are so simple and clear. They are not many, and all these materials can be printed on a few dozen pages. The whole method is in them. Everything else is additions that help us draw the Light, while in order to describe how to organize a group to which we draw it, ten pages will be enough.

As for today, our work is first of all to organize ourselves correctly and then to ask for correction.
From the 4th part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 3/15/2012

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