The Ability To Be Grateful

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: I see the spiritual path as a glass half-full. The filled half is love and the empty part is hatred. Shouldn’t each one of us see the full part of the glass and be inspired by what is there so that it will help us rid ourselves of many complaints and advance?

Answer: First of all, we must get inspired by what the Creator is doing with us. In reality we received an enormous credit that we didn’t deserve, a huge advancement and all the opportunities and conditions. Most importantly the Creator gave us the desire and the aspiration to move forward.

No matter what happens the Creator doesn’t leave us. You can’t imagine how thoroughly He is working with us, even when we don’t seem to want it! It is the Creator that lessens our desire for spirituality and then strengthens it once again. As a result of this we become hopeless and we yell and become a bit angry with Him. Then once again we love Him and we’re ready to connect. This is how the Creator plays with us. For the time being we don’t do anything on our own. We must see His masterful work in everything and be at least a little bit grateful.
From the Arava Convention 2/24/12, Lesson #4

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  1. Lets unite, for its time
    Cause we wait for the right thing to happen..
    Cause we are tired and have no way to go
    We are trapped in ourselves and have no one to care for..
    But ourselves..

    Lying everyday we get through, for the lying we have to do the next day
    For truth is elusive and hard to find
    In this life of misery with nothing to hold
    So lets share something that sweet
    A little nudge hear, a sublime little tweak,
    To show that we still care
    To show we still feel
    The love that was once ours
    The one that’s, for now, is ours to keep
    Hi All,

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