On The Firing Line

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: How do you relate to the missile attacks in the south of Israel?

Answer: During the operation “Peace for the Galilee,” my teacher, Rabash, was very worried about the situation. He listened to the news every hour, and when he was asked why, he replied that he was worried about his children.

This is an example for us—we also need to worry in this way. A person needs to feel that all the people in the world are inseparable parts of him. Then he will worry about them just as he worries about himself, being in concealment and not feeling the oneness of the world within him.

One should not wish for anyone’s death, even for the death of one’s bitter enemies. We want them to become corrected and in general, we wish only good for everyone, and especially to the citizens who find themselves on the firing line. Of course, one shouldn’t allow anyone to take his life away, and thus in the Torah there is a law: For the sake of self defense, it is preferable to kill before being killed. But this is on condition that it’s really necessary and there is no other choice. In this situation, death serves as a correction. However, if you are able to correct the person during this reincarnation, do it.

In addition, we must remember our friends in the South of Israel. Together with them we pass through the process of our and the world’s correction. We must be with them in mind and soul.

Before the lesson, I watch the news in order to know about events that took place in the previous hours. We all need to be connected to this. We hope that all of this will be included into the framework of correction. If we exert effort faster, the states that come upon us by the path of suffering will invert to the path of the Torah. Then everything will be arranged in the best possible way, and we will acquire life without limits, in the entire world. We are able to initiate it, and there is no doubt that the Light can do this.

It’s very good that the friends join the lesson from the shelters. Rabash and myself did the same thing during the Gulf War.

And in general, we are in favor of a cease fire, in favor of ending all the conflicts in the world, in favor of destruction of all weapons, and in favor of man’s correction. This is mutual guarantee. Since we have become, against our will, guarantors of each other in a system that ties us together, the time has come to open our eyes and feel it in action. There is no other choice: We have to feel that we are each other’s guarantors.

However, when the mutual, inner connection appears before a person, he goes into shock. It turns out that it is all me: my parents, my children, my friends, strangers, and those I hate. It is such a huge variety of so many relations, and all of them are me, one Partzuf, the 10 Sefirot.
From the 4th part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 3/12/2012, “Introduction to TES

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