Not To Be Nameless, But To Be Called After The Creator

Dr. Michael LaitmanFrom a lesson of Rabash: In the corporeal world we see that the embryo is first in the mother’s womb and then he comes out into another place—into the world. But in the spiritual world there is no place. So what is the meaning of “birth?”

The rule is: What in spirituality is called “near by” or “far away” is a matter of equivalence of form. If there are two different forms, it is two places. Every form is called “a place.”

While the embryo was inside the mother he had no name. We don’t say that he is pregnant but that the mother is pregnant, carrying the child, because he doesn’t have a name yet. An embryo is called “the thickness of the root level.” He doesn’t have a desire to receive of his own yet. He only annuls himself before the upper one in every way, and so he is considered an inseparable part of his mother and he eats whatever his mother eats.

But when the phase of pregnancy is over and he already has the whole Light of Nefesh (NRNHY of Nefesh), the upper one gives him thickness that is called “thickness of phase one.” Although it is small, his desire to receive already has its own entity, which means that there is already a difference in form. They are not the same anymore, and so he doesn’t annul himself before the upper one. This is called being in two different places, or “birth.”

The most important spiritual principle is equivalence of form, and it is the only thing we should worry about. All the other rules we discover in different sciences, in culture, in education, in psychology—all the rules of reality are only different results of this one major principle: equivalence or lack of equivalence of form with the Creator.

All the movements with regard to Him symbolize a greater or lesser adaptation to Him. All the changes are in the created being. The Creator is always good and benevolent, absolute bestowal and love. We, however, move all the time changing in relation to His attribute, and everything that we feel is only our changes with regard to this discernment, although we are not aware of it.

Until we feel so bad that we begin to look for the answer: Why?! And then we discover this law and begin to work on ourselves, in order to reach equivalence of form.
From the 3rd part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 2/17/12, Preface to The Zohar

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