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Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: Outsiders perceive our methods as slow and therapeutic, and they want the ones that are prompt and surgical. How could we help them feel the effectiveness of our message without waiting for greater calamities?

Answer: Our method is the fastest and most effective. Generally speaking, humanity has never had any method of influencing itself. Up until now, we were governed automatically by the upper force.

And now the upper force provokes us with crises and simultaneously frees up some room for action so we will make a small step forward, our own step, so we will appreciate, grasp what lies ahead of us and wish to do it independently by changing ourselves.

The nature’s upper force has always been changing us, giving rise to our evolution, and now we, ourselves, have to consciously evoke the process of development within us. Hence, today’s evolution that we’re carrying out is the quality evolution because it depends on us. We have never made any individual actions, and now we must perform such action on ourselves, within ourselves, by changing ourselves.

The force that changes us is external; however, we need to put ourselves under its influence. To accomplish that, we must try to unite with each other so that our common desire for unity could become apparent. Then the upper correcting force will influence that desire, and we will unite. That will be our next degree: both social and spiritual.

There is no other way, no other means or method that we could use to do anything. Our method is the only way!

But this method is fast, not slow because here everything depends on us and nothing else. If we gather together, push, and desire, it will immediately happen. There are no restrictions, neither mechanical nor natural; there are no processes that still have to develop or take shape with time. Everything depends on us only, and that is why it’s the most express method.
From KabTV’s “Fundamentals of the Integral Society” 2/5/12

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