Crime Lords

Dr. Michael LaitmanTogether, we all need to concentrate very well on the correction of the world and unity so that people will discover: This is the only thing they lack. Every person wants something. And it does not matter what they want—it is impossible to satisfy every desire. They always pile one on top of another, forcing us to enjoy at the expense of others. This is how everything is arranged: Egoistically, we can only achieve a tiny bit, and everything else we do at the expense of others.

One way or the other, except for the food for his body, a person takes everything else from others. This applies to everyone without exception: Someone lacks the piece of bread I threw away, the tomato that went bad. By definition, every egoist lives by stealing from others.

And this is why no one can be happy and satisfied in our world. The system is integral, and this is why when I take something for myself, I automatically steal it from others.

Only when I bestow to everyone does the abundance go through me. “Digesting” this method is hard, however, it is a very simple method. In reality, everything exists only because of it, while the only thing that exists due to our egoism is the flow in our heart and mind—nonsense for the altruistic reality.

And for this reason we only have one solution: to concern ourselves with unity. As soon as we manage to bring our hearts at least a few millimeters closer, the world will immediately experience a relief. So let us do it.

Everything depends on what is happening inside the person. This is what determines his or her perception of reality and the actual reality as well.
From the 3rd part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 3/12/2012, TES

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