Being Included In An Integral

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: Each of us is getting ready for the Vilnius convention. How can we create an integral of all the collective efforts, which will unite them into a single whole?

Answer: Suppose there is some indefinite form in front of us. How can we measure its area? To do that, I take a small square (1 мм2), so tiny that it can enter every corner in the form. The sum of all the areas of the tiny squares will be the desired result. This sum (∑) is an integral (∫).

With the help of an integral I can calculate the sum of many parts, their collective sum: unity. Suppose the sum equals n. But we calculate an integral from zero to infinity (∞), in other words, from the tiny square to infinity. Then we will definitely not go wrong and will fill the whole given area.

This is the difference between an integral and a usual sum: When we calculate it, we don’t determine the number of the parts because it can be infinite.

Question: Every such “tiny square” is one of the friends. How can we become an integral and not a sum?

Answer: Everyone should be small enough to be able to enter. This is enough, and he doesn’t ask for anything else, doesn’t have any conditions. It doesn’t matter in which corner I am, it’s fine. The key is to be included into everyone so that I have no egoistic essence left, no desire except for one: to be part of this integral.

Question: How can we attain that?

Answer: With the help of the Light that Reforms. It is necessary in order to be included in the group and to receive the Light of Hassadim.

Question: What should be our prayer in this situation?

Answer: You pray for everyone, for unity. You understand that you have no “area” of your own—you are that small. At first, it seemed to you that you were filling the whole area. But gradually, in order to be included in the group, in an integral, you minimized yourself, until you became a “tiny square” and lost all the “area,” that is, your self-importance, independence, and individual reality. Then you are really worthy of being part of the whole, and you become included in the revelation of the Creator.

Question: Does this mean that our integrality is a result of our self-annulment?

Answer: Of course. And from that I demand unification, revelation, and adhesion for everyone.
From the 4th part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 3/21/2012, “Introduction to TES

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