A Greenhouse For Humanity

Dr. Michael LaitmanIn the near future, humanity will eliminate all types of unnecessary jobs except for the ones needed for providing all that is required for normal and rational life. A person will have to work two or three hours a day and the rest of the time will be free.

In these hours people won’t simply be freed from work but will have to create an environment that will influence everyone else. And each of them will have an effect on others so that any person will be under a correct influence of several types of environments that facilitate his or her further growth.

This process is similar to the way that fruits and vegetables are grown in a greenhouse. Different conditions are provided in succession and in specific combinations, and because of that, they grow bountifully and we receive excellent sweet fruit to suit any taste. We need to do the same with ourselves and with our children. This work will become the main occupation of a person living in a new era.

There is a reason why we consider the current crisis not as a tragedy but as a positive phenomenon, the birth of a new society, a new humanity in which we begin to prepare ourselves for the next stage of unification and realization of all possibilities that each of us has.

In this manner, we are progressing towards mutual connection and understanding and as though creating from the entire humanity an image of one man, all parts of whom harmoniously complement each other and create a single entity.

In this single humanity that we create we reveal one force that gives us the feeling that each of us no longer lives in an individual inner sensation but in a common perception of this unified whole. A person lives his own life but at the same time, he or she senses the lives of everyone else who now have become so close to him that he understands them, feels them, and is included in them.

It turns out that I no longer live the life of a simple little person, but my life is intertwined with the breathing and living of the entire humanity. From the state of a small, weak individual I begin to ascend towards the most exalted status in nature. This is how we perceive life from this new “speaking” level that belongs to the degree of Man.

Our psychology, attitude towards life, and worldview will change from a petty, egoistic, and narrow personal outlook to a broad and global perception. And through the prism of the entire humanity, as if through new glasses, I will begin to see a new world.

I begin to view it differently and reveal within it a life that depends not only on the desires of my body, but on all people in the world. And then I rise to a sensation of life beyond my body. In this manner, through psychological ascent we reach a special state.

The entire process that we have to undergo can be divided into two parts. The first part is the path we traveled thus far. Throughout its entire duration, we developed without utilizing our environment that much. And even if we had to resort to its aid, it was only in rare cases.

Right now we are in a crisis that is justifiably called global and integral. Now we feel that we don’t have a choice, and that through the use of the environment we need to develop in a direction whereby all of humanity becomes integral and global, bound together as one man with one heart. This can be achieved with the help of a corresponding environment.

This is the life on a “human” degree that begins after exiting the animate level at which we were living by will of chance. And now we begin to guide our development in a specified direction in order to receive from the greenhouse a wonderful fruit in all of its perfection.

Because of this study we will know how to organize our environment and through it to shape ourselves and all of humanity. This is why the topic of “Environment as a determining factor of a good future of humanity” is the most important in the study and practical activities of this course. I hope that this educational program will be accepted in the entire world. It will guide us to a good life and yield wonderful fruit.
From KabTV’s “A New Life” Episode 3, 12/29/11

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