The Group Offers Painless Healing

Dr. Michael LaitmanAll of creation is a desire to receive that seems to be divided into four levels: the inanimate, vegetative, animate, and speaking. We have to connect all of them and to bring them to adhesion with the upper force that created these desires. The adhesion is attained by equivalence of form, by changing the manner in which we use our desire. We can’t change the intention in the desire on the levels of the inanimate, vegetative, or animate because they’re not developed enough. It can only be done on the level of the speaking.

When a person develops, he reaches a state in which he feels that he must correct his matter, his desires. He simply doesn’t see any other way out of the crisis he’s in: the personal crisis, the general crisis, or both of them together, which is a result of the development of the desire. He reaches full recognition of evil and then he understands that it isn’t in his power to change his own nature and that he needs external help, “treatment.”

Among the people there is the group that attains this from the study and that must explain this to the whole world. Without the group, humanity would advance towards the recognition of the evil of its ego without being able to correct it, through terrible suffering.

The hard part is in revealing the upper force and in understanding that only it can help us. We see how hard it is to recognize in difficult situations that all the evil comes from the Creator and that the correction can only come from Him and that “There is none else besides Him”; only He brings us the suffering and only He can bring us the good. We’ll be able to reach the good only if we know Him and ask for His help only for a particular purpose.

This is the long process of learning how to advance; it’s very difficult to reach Him and to pay for it by suffering. Therefore, a group of people was chosen from all of humanity who can wake up and advance towards this attainment of their own will and to look for the answer to the question “What is the point of my life?” when they are not pushed by suffering on the beastly level but on the “human” level. From Adam HaRishon (the first man) such people appeared in the world. They need to pass on the Torah, the “instruction,” the method for correcting the ego, to all of humanity according to the necessity that each of them feels.

This is what has happened throughout history with anyone who thought about the meaning of life; today this epidemic is spreading to all of humanity, and everyone will begin to ask: “What is the meaning of our lives?” Although this question has two sides, the special ones ask, “What is the meaning of my life if I don’t know the purpose of creation and its source? If I don’t attain it, then my life will be worse than death.” The rest of humanity asks about the meaning of life as it sees that it suffers and we are slipping lower and lower. A person always checks himself relative to others, to the previous day, and to what is expected the next day.

So eventually everyone will reach the need to correct their nature. But this is only possible with the help of the upper force, with the help of the Reforming Light called the “Torah.”
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 3/20/12, Shamati #6

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New State – New Art

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: What is going to happen with art and desire to create in the future integral world?

Answer: The desire to create will of course remain. The desire for aesthetics, for self-expression is one of the basic desires of humanity.

It has all been developing since the times of petroglyphs. However, today we are undergoing a great crisis even in this field because there is nothing we could express ourselves with. How can it be expressed? Through some breakdowns? Our state is dead-end. On our current level, we have nothing left to express.

We have to rise to the next degree. We simply “crawled” from our level to a certain degree, but we are not able to ascend to it. We came to a dead end in all areas of our lives: culture, education, family, economy, finance—everything, even science. We hit this next degree and can’t climb it because we do not see it.

It is especially apparent in art and culture. We have always bore witness to the creation of masterpieces. But today we have mass culture that cannot even be called “culture.” Art is definitely not art any more. Mass culture fills in the TV screens, and we consume it along with fast food. And it is in fact all the same, meaning, everything is on such a level so as to suppress ourselves and make us think less. TV shows? What are they about? Robbery, betrayal, love stories, and cooking.

Unfortunately, in the field of art, we no longer concern ourselves with lofty, valuable interpersonal relationships, with searching for the meaning of life; instead, we present through our mass “art” (be it print or media) only what serves bodily needs: food, sex, and family. Within this entire framework dwell our so-called works of art.

On one hand, it is certainly a pity that such events take place, but on the other, they show us the crisis from which the new state must emerge.

The new art will be completely different. It will be founded on the unity of people. Its role will be to tell us about attainment of the upper world, about a whole new range of sensations that will be revealed in the connection between us. Those will be sensations and relationships of a completely different scale, and from then on, these very sensations and relationships will be expressed through art, and therefore, through our culture.
From KabTV’s “Fundamentals of the Integral Society” 2/5/12

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Express Method

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: Outsiders perceive our methods as slow and therapeutic, and they want the ones that are prompt and surgical. How could we help them feel the effectiveness of our message without waiting for greater calamities?

Answer: Our method is the fastest and most effective. Generally speaking, humanity has never had any method of influencing itself. Up until now, we were governed automatically by the upper force.

And now the upper force provokes us with crises and simultaneously frees up some room for action so we will make a small step forward, our own step, so we will appreciate, grasp what lies ahead of us and wish to do it independently by changing ourselves.

The nature’s upper force has always been changing us, giving rise to our evolution, and now we, ourselves, have to consciously evoke the process of development within us. Hence, today’s evolution that we’re carrying out is the quality evolution because it depends on us. We have never made any individual actions, and now we must perform such action on ourselves, within ourselves, by changing ourselves.

The force that changes us is external; however, we need to put ourselves under its influence. To accomplish that, we must try to unite with each other so that our common desire for unity could become apparent. Then the upper correcting force will influence that desire, and we will unite. That will be our next degree: both social and spiritual.

There is no other way, no other means or method that we could use to do anything. Our method is the only way!

But this method is fast, not slow because here everything depends on us and nothing else. If we gather together, push, and desire, it will immediately happen. There are no restrictions, neither mechanical nor natural; there are no processes that still have to develop or take shape with time. Everything depends on us only, and that is why it’s the most express method.
From KabTV’s “Fundamentals of the Integral Society” 2/5/12

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Nutrition: Natural Diet

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: What should our approach to consumption be in order to maintain the well-being of our bodies?

Answer: I suffer from a light form of diabetes. I like sweets, sugar, and it’s the cause of my diabetes. In nature there is no sugar, only sweets like fruit and honey. If I didn’t abuse sugar, I wouldn’t have gotten sick.

There are a lot of foods that we produce only for the purpose of filling someone’s bank account, and as a consequence, for filling the hospitals with patients. Humanity must review all of its actions and gradually exclude from consumption all things that contain poison. First we have provide the necessary replacements and then stop the production of harmful things.

Just as we battle smoking, we have to battle everything else that’s harmful to our health. Nature contains a selection of ingredients such as fruits, vegetables, meat, fish, water, and so on. These are the things we should limit ourselves to. If it doesn’t exist in nature, then undoubtedly it’s harmful to your health. We should find the correct use for whatever does exist in nature.

Comment: Today, such a diet will end up being much more expensive then a regular diet.

Answer: I’m not saying that we need to return to being vegetarian, all natural, to pure biology with no genetics. We have no choice in this matter because we won’t be able to sustain all of humanity. However, we need to conduct more research and create the necessary technologies. For example, I have a friend who grows fruits and vegetables in the Arava desert without any chemical pesticides; instead he uses special bacteria that eats pests.

There are different ways to go about it, but most importantly everyone has to be provided with food. Then gradually we’ll move into being ecologically friendly.

The integral education has to cover all aspects of our lives in order to lead us toward correction and development. By doing so we will ensure health as well as a balanced approach toward all types of human activities. This revolution in our consciousness and interrelations will eventually effect technology, economy, agriculture, and all other aspects of our lives.
From KabTV’s “A New Life” Episode 11, 1/9/12

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Why Study The Past?

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: The course of evolution of human egoism can be studied through the example of the four phases of the development of nature. Should we study other subjects in this evolutional context?

Answer: No, from the point of view of the development of egoism, evolution and history are historical forms that gradually accumulate and change thanks to egoism, and do so suddenly, by a leap. Any kind of social activity, interrelationships, engineering, or technology is replaced within a few years or decades by another kind since one obliges the other.

Social relationships change, and thus the post, telegraph, telephone, notaries, parliamentary interaction, and so on emerge. That is, everything changes on the entire level, on the entire dimension of human interrelationships.

We are not simply studying history, but social, political, economic, public, and technological development, as well as instruments of work and production, and agriculture. It is because agriculture determines migration, which determines demography, which determines something else. All in all, everything is so interconnected!

Also linked to this are the glacial age, the minor glacial age, the period of vegetation, and so on. We connect ecology with it, including the climate. We see that all of this is one, whole system.

Question: Why do we need to feel these phases?

Answer: If one does not know what happened yesterday, tomorrow he cannot think correctly. One must see the entire huge system that has always been moving and has brought us to our state today. Although it continues to move our still, vegetative, and animate states, it leaves to us the fourth level of development as free will, because we must complete it ourselves.

It turns out that one can make some approximations already and see that we will be moving forward. However, if one does not add his personal participation by exercising his free will, interacting with others correctly, and voluntary restructuring himself and society in advance, before receiving blows from behind, then his still, vegetative, and animate components push him forward harshly and summon corresponding actions within him. These may be terrible diseases, earthquakes, upheavals of revolution, and so on.

We do not have a clear view of this process as the necessary empirical material has not yet accumulated. However, we can make an approximation as to what kinds of blows we will be experiencing that will push us from behind, “toward happiness by the stick,” so to speak, if we do not forestall it through our unification, with mutual participation and aspiration toward harmony and unity.

This is why it is very important to study the past.
From a “Talk on Integral Upbringing” #12, 12/16/11

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