Reaching For My Future Self

Dr. Michael LaitmanBaal HaSulam, “The Freedom”: The general will to receive, which is the very essence of man, appears and exists only through dressing in the shapes of objects that are likely to be received. We call that action, “life,” meaning man’s livelihood. As we have explained in the act we call, “desire.”

Accordingly, with the disappearance of the desire comes death. We always live in anticipation of  the desired future and not in the present. If there is nothing to hope for in the future, we reach despair, until the body stops functioning and a person dies.

So we have to create for ourselves more advanced forms of development. This can be done only by the influence of the right environment. Otherwise, a bad environment, which fills me with bad forms, takes its place, and then I become incorporated in them and want them.

For example, I can’t manage without the media. The growing egoism obliged me to get used to them. A thousand years ago everything was different: With the desires of the animate level in me I lived peacefully and without the media. Today I can’t live without television, without the flow of information that floods me. I constantly need to see the future forms that give me the power of life and the feeling of life.

What kind of life? We already know…and so we need to build the right environment by ourselves that will assume the role of the media. In this case, I create my future forms by myself, and no one dictates them to me and imposes them on me. This is where my free will is: I choose a better environment that shows me the right forms and directs my desire to the goal, so that it will be balanced with nature, in line with the Creator.

Thanks to this I live in the forms in which the Reforming Light is hidden and which later becomes the filling. This gives me the feeling of life until I reach the eternal existence. Gradually my forms draw away from the corporeal discoveries, which can exist only in the corporeal world and I can soar towards the forms of spiritual development.

Then I am no longer tied to the corporeal forms that appear before me in any way. I don’t feel anything in them except for the basic needs of the animate level in me. But I don’t worry about that either because I am already on the “other side.”

And so gradually, a person moves from building the potential force to attaining the force to execute and begin the spiritual self. Always this is realized by increasing the quality of the desire: I create my future form, my more advanced form, and I am drawn to it, until I reach it and attain it.
From the 4th part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 1/10/12, “The Freedom”

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