Money Is Time Divided By Energy

Dr. Michael LaitmanIn the News (from “While the leaders of the major world powers are trying to find a way out of the economic crisis, and financial managers seek to comprehend its nature, the scientists from Baikal State University decided to look into… the physical nature of money. They hypothesized that the finances are nothing more but a particular kind of matter, and thus they obey the classical laws of physics.

“The researchers concluded that if the term ‘crisis’ is understood as dramatic changes in the properties of an open system, this process will inevitably lead to the emergence of a new, possibly better and more ordered structure of the system. In other words, the greater the economic crisis will be, the stronger and more reliable the global economy will become.

“Money is matter. Consequently, according to physical laws, money exists in some time coordinate and has some energy. As a result, the following formula is proposed: ‘Money is time divided by energy.’ Everything is simple: For a certain period of time, money sets in motion social and political mechanisms and essentially, itself is the carrier of power.

“On the basis of this thesis, the researchers argue, for example, that the concentration of money in one place minimizes its energy. Money should not lie dormant, but work regardless of whether it is a family or national budget.

“The interdependence of energy and money can be easily explained. If the energy of money is materialized solely in the product of production, its rapid growth may lead to the depreciation, nulling of money (the crisis of overproduction, onset of inflation, and devaluation). In addition, the ‘magic’ formula implies the dependence of money on time: The more money a person or state has, the longer it takes to spend, ‘dissipate’ it.

“The scientists are confident that by treating money as a special form of matter that exists in a physical and virtual forms and employing the general laws of motion, interaction, and transformation of matter, it is possible to calculate and predict the movement and energy of finances in a given country or particular regions. In other words, economists who drive cash flows should study physics.”

My Comment: Money is an accurate reflection of our desire: egoistic, if it is aimed at personal gain, or altruistic, if it is aimed at the benefit of society. The use of money depends on us. Money will remain an indicator of the exchange of desires even if money disappears in its material form and remains only in the form of cashless exchange. This is the measurement of our connections. That is why the correction of the crisis depends on the education of people.

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